young girl getting a checkup from doctor

Get a Healthy Start to the School Year

As summer winds down and the kids start going back to school, keeping track of all the needs of each family member can be overwhelming. From the flu to broken bones, illnesses and medical emergencies are an inevitable part of raising kids. To get as healthy of a start as possible to the school year, make sure your child has had their annual checkup and is up to date with their vaccines. Regular checkups, screenings, immunizations and prompt treatment for injuries are among the most important things you can do for your child to stay healthy.

It’s recommended that every family make a “medical home.” That means establishing a long-term relationship with a pediatrician or family healthcare provider who can become familiar with your family’s medical history, provide wellness care and most of the sick care your children might need, and keep complete medical records of immunizations and growth.

A provider who has this information, and gets to know your family over time, can better determine when your child is healthy and developing well, and when something is off track. Regular checkups are especially important so that kids can stay current on their immunizations, including annual flu shots.

Parents have more opportunities than ever to keep kids healthy and safe from contagious illnesses.

Stay on top of your and your child’s health: Schedule an appointment today with your family provider.