person listening to Overhead podcast while commuting on bus

Top Podcast Picks from Overlake Providers

Like a book club but for podcasts, participants in the Overlake Provider Podcast Club choose a podcast to listen to and then meet up to discuss it. According to John R. Nelson, MD, “The overarching goal is to help form connections between providers who might not know one another well.” A “staff picks” poster hangs in the provider lounge for others to take note.  

  1. After On – Conversations with thinkers, founders and scientists about technology, science and social issues. Recommended by John R. Nelson, MD, hospitalist practice.
  2. Hidden Brain – Using a combination of science and storytelling, this podcast reveals the patterns that drive human behavior, shape choices and direct our relationships. Recommended by Tom Miller, MD, emergency medicine.
  3. How I Built This – Innovators and entrepreneurs tell how they started their company or movement. Recommended by John R. Nelson, MD, hospitalist practice.
  4. Revisionist History – Author Malcolm Gladwell goes back into the past to reinterpret an event, person or idea that has been overlooked or misunderstood. Recommended by Lori Gokee, ARNP, primary care. “I enjoy the podcast because it gives you a different view or perspective on a specific event, action or person. It challenges you to sit back and change your way of thinking as he digs deeper,” says Gokee. 

Bonus: Overheard by Overlake Overlake’s podcast series dives into the world of medical discoveries, treatments and patient-centered care at Overlake. Overhead provides discussion around medical breakthroughs and how these innovations affect your and your family’s health.