New Year's Resolutions

4 Practical New Year’s Resolutions

Every new year we resolve to better ourselves in some way, although most of us have trouble sticking to our resolutions. The issue may lie in setting unrealistic goals. “Small wins lead to bigger wins,” says Dr. Maddox. “Instead of having a goal to lose 50 pounds in 2019, make your goal to lose 5 pounds in January. Once you get a couple of quick wins under your belt, it’s easier to build sustained and meaningful gains throughout the year.”

Here are some more ideas for how to make general resolutions more practical:

1. General resolution: Make healthier food choices.

Practical resolution: Eat a piece of fruit or some carrot or celery sticks before each meal.

2. General resolution: Exercise more.

Practical resolution: Go to the gym eight times in January.

3. General resolution: Quit unhealthy habits.

Practical resolution: Replace soda with sparkling water.

4. General resolution: Get more sleep.

Practical resolution: Keep your phone in another room to avoid late-night scrolling.